War Shots: 2000 IR/CWCC Northeast Fall Regionals - Will's Photos

The 2000 IR/CWCC Northeast Fall Regional Competition was held October 14 & 15, 2000 at the Greenbrier State Park in Hagerstown, Maryland. About twenty captains showed up over the two days. Because of the usual shortage of Allied Scum, er..., boats, a flag format was adopted for the battles.

Will Montgomery took these photos and was gracious enough to allow me to post them.

NOTE: All of these photos are large than 150kb each.

John Boyer's SMS Von der Tann Steve Pavlovsky's USS South Carolina Marty Hayes' KNK Prinz Eugen Carl and Paul Camarati's Andrea Doria Glen Goetzinger's USS Tennessee Don Fisher's HMS Valiant Marty Recovers the Prinz Eugen
Greenbriar Lake Ram Damage Another shot of the VDT Damage to Dave Lawrence's IJN Nagato Orrill Ferguson's DKM Tirpitz and my SMS Hindenburg Damage to IJN Nagato Damage to HMS Valiant
John recovers the VDT Carl recovers the Doria Fleet Battle Sharks feed on the grounded South Carolina Battlers on shore Dave Voghtman recovers the sunken USS Washington Ken Kelly's SMS Derfflinger and SMS Scharnhorst
Derfflinger (right) and Hindenburg chase the Valiant Got Ya'! Brandon Graham's HMS Invincible is chased Invincible goes aground Feeding Frenzy begins Washington and Derffingler unload into the Invincible Sunk or aground?
Invincible with new new windows installed Dave Lewis' USS Pheonix gets trapped onshore Frank Pittelli isn't twisted - the camera is. Pheonix gives up the ghost VDT hides in the weeds Nathan Blattau's IJN Musashi damaged by multiple rams Musashi goes under during damage control tests

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